Apr 24, 2012

Still here =P

Hello! I'm surprised by the ammount of visits that is this getting ._. I'm very busy at the moment (LOL! As always...(Seriously this is not new) ).

I must say that the 28th of this month the DJ Net_Core uploads his God Knows Remix Version!. (I cant wait to hear it ._.).
I'm composing some Trance/Hardcore songs for a new group called P0LYG0N. It's an experimental group made by a DJ + Electronic Keyboard (Me) + Synth Drums (Zequel, the current drummer of the Power metal group where i play). I hope upload the P0LYG0N songs soon (We're having epic problems with the VST pluggins :(  ).

Ah! I'll add to the MIDI list the rest of my old songs like the Carpenter Brothers endings, the Nyan Cat piano version, and the rest of the songs that I composed for video games.

Ok i must go! Goodbye and sorry for my f*** bad english  >w<

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