Jul 27, 2012

Snow Goose!

Hello people! I'm here again after my "holidays" =D I leave here my last video! Snow goose =D. See you!!!

Jul 17, 2012

Friday 20th - 8 bit Party!!

Hey there!. I'm here again to tell us that the next Friday 20th, I play at the night (Hour not concreted...) with the music group Polygon (Alternative Trance-Hardcore) in Blanes (Catalonia, Spain). Also i've done an 8 bit and Retro system convention for all the people who loves these epicly good machines. I'll be AFK from YouTube a bit time more >ww< Sorry!

Jul 4, 2012


Hello!. I'm here again!. I write to tell us that i'll be "AFK" from internet a few weeks more, i'm working as programmer in a Project and also i'm finding the way to make a "crownfunding" finantiation for my songs. Also i'm composing a lot of own songs, when I return, i'll upload a lot of videos in one day xP haha thanks for wait meee :DDDDD