Feb 28, 2012

Lol, Internet!

Hey guys! Thanks for all the visits!. Now i tell us that i'm working on the "Lol, Internet" Song. But is a.k.a "Running in the 90's". I don't like the strophes so i'm changing a lot the song :/ I don't know when I will finish it :/  Hahahaha Gooodbye!!

Feb 22, 2012

Heavenly Moon

Hey!! Before of start this entry, i want to say thanks to all the people that had visited my blog!. I never expected this number of visits in only 3 days! And also a lot of thanks for the Facebook Shares!.

I've finished my last midi, it's heavenly moon, i hope you like it!.
Enjoy it!

Feb 19, 2012

Blog Finished

Hi!. I've finished the blog. It needs more things but i'm too busy at the moment. I'll be working on it ~. At the right you can see the songs in YouTube and download the MIDI files!.
Any tecnical problem or suggestion send a message to retroworldgames@rocketmail.com.

Okey, that is the end of the message, haha. I leave my last video here for close this entry. Goodbye and have fun!! (And sorry for the bad english, haha)

Blog Opening!

Hello to all!. I've decided to create my own blogspot coz a lot of people asked me for my MIDI files. My english is not very good coz i'm from Spain. Now the blog is under edition. Be patient.