About Me

Hi. First thanks for visit my blog. This page is for know more about my MIDI songs. I teached myself to play piano at the age of 15 (But I play the electric guitar since 12). I'm from Spain but I can speak english. At the start I beggin to compose simple music for my own videogames. First I only composed the endings but with the time I started to compose all the songs of the game. And also the sound effects!.
With the time I started to get some visits and I started to use better pluggins and better programs for my songs. My songs are based in Koji Kôndo, ZUN, Matt Uelmenn, DJ YOSHITAKA...
Now I am in the 58th position of the 100 users more viewed in Spain (With over 11 million visits).
Also now I play the Keyboard in a power metal group called El Rincón del Kaos.

What programs do I use?
First I used Guitar Pro 5.2 (For edit and make the MIDI Files) and a scripted version of Synthesia for the videos.
Now I use "Samplitude" to edit the MIDI File's and a very scripted version of a program called "Midi Trail". The sound of my videos is not from the video program. I synth the sound with a lot of VST Pluggins (PianoTec for example), and then I put the video and the sound together in the YouTube video.

If you have any question or something like that just send an e-mail to: retroworldgames@rocketmail.com

Also you can add me on MSN: retroworldgames@rocketmail.com (Yes! This is a MSN also!)


  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I based a few Touhou covers on your midi arrangements! Great job, btw! You can check them out at http://michzimmerman.bandcamp.com/album/big-lulls-bonus-tracks

    Also, one of my favorite bands, Second, is from Spain, too. :)

    1. Hello! I saw your blog!. The songs are pretty good, very interesting innovation. Thanks for give credit!. If you do some more, just tell me ;)

  2. Hello! I need to talk to you privately about your interesting MIDI on Skype if possible. Add me please: rescue20002